3D origami snowman tutorial (instruction)

Video description

This video shows a detailed step by step assembly snowman 3D origami. Quite pretty and cute figurine. Will please your eyes and eyes your loved ones on Christmas Eve and New Year. However, and in the summer if you miss the snow and a long vacation, a snowman can be very useful. Build a snowman scheme is very simple. Quite suitable for beginners.

We need:

257 white and 52 yellow triangular pieces

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

Making two rows.

1st row - long side piece down

2nd - short side.

1st and 2nd row 17 pieces each


Making third row of 17 pieces (long side piece down)


4th row: 19 pieces (two pairs of pieces, connect only on one corner)

Next we make 5 rows 19 pieces each

10th row: 19 pieces (short side outside)

11th row: 19 pieces

12th row: 18 pieces.

Then two more rows of 18 pieces each

Making a snowman hat: 1st row - short side pieces down

2nd and 3rd row - long side.(13 pieces in each row)


everting and do the 4th row of 13 pieces

Take a toothpick, orange and blue paper

divide toothpick half, cut out mittens and twisting nose

Draw and cut snowman eyes, as well as glue mittens

attach all

And now you know how to make (or build) a snowman in the art of 3D origami (modular origami). If you want to consider this video master class assembly snowman.

Also you can see how to make other 3D origami